Aries Marine & Industrial Sales

Aries Marine and Industrial Sales specializes in proven solutions for the marine and industrial markets. Here are a few of the products and systems available from Aries Marine & Industrial Sales:

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Orkot Composite
Bearings, pads, bushings, and sleeves of non-asbestos material

Aries Marine & Industrial Sales
Aries Marine & Industrial Sales
Aries Marine & Industrial Sales
Aries Marine & Industrial Sales

Philadelphia Resins Corporation   more
Chockfast Orange Pourable Epoxy Chocking System, Epoxy Repair Compounds, Epoxy Adhesives, Non-Skid Coatings, Shaft Coatings, Fairing Compounds    

Gems Sensors, Inc.   more
Level Switches, Flow Switches, Tank Level Indicators, Digital Receivers, SureSite Visual Level Indicators, Solid State Relays, Pressure Transducers, Mud Pit Level Sensors, Temperature Switches,  UCL (Ultrasonic Continuous Level Transmitter)   

Insinger Machine   more
All Stainless Steel Marine Grade Dishwashers: Undercounter, Door Type, Flight Type  

Strainers (Duplex & Simplex & Suction Box), Vent Checks, Deck Drains, Bell Mouth Suctions

Beaird Industries, Inc.
Maxim Evaporators, Fresh Water Makers

Facet USA, Inc.
Plate type oily water separators: Ranges: 1.2 gpm to 44 gpm, USCG approved, require no filters, Helicopter refueling systems. Digital read-out “oil in water monitors” for oily water separators, IMO & USCG approved   


Aries Marine Product Line Sheet
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